1.      Dr. Feelgood suspected his nurse of stealing drugs from their cabinet at work. He ordered that all his employees take a lie detector test. After failing the test Dr. Feelgood fired his nurse. The nurse suesa)      Her claim has no meritb)     The doctor had no right to fire her for any reason if she was an “at will” employeec)      The doctor should not have given her the lie detector testd)     Both A & B2.      Dave was a “volunteer” doctor at a hospital working in the emergency room after he received a call that he was needed because of a tornado that had hit the Georgia coast. He did not diagnose an infection on a woman who was rushed to the hospital. As a result of the infection the woman lost her leg. The following is truea)      He has a good argument for winning the caseb)     Punitive damages are recoverable against doctorc)      Summary judgment would be awarded in favor of the doctord)     Both A & C3.      Which of the following is truea)      A civil case has a different standard of proof than a criminal caseb)     Summary judgments should not generally be granted if the facts are in disputec)      You can win a civil case if the majority of the jury votes in your favord)     All of the above4.      Mary was bit by a dog while visiting her friend. If she sued her friend, shea)      Will collect if it happened on the propertyb)     Will not collect if her friend wasn’t there when she was bittenc)      Will not collect if she can’t prove the owner knew that the dog bit herd)     None of the above5.      A mail order company in Ohio sent a case of beer to a minor in Pennsylvania. The parents wish to sue the company in Pennsylvania. The following terms would most likely be discussed in a Court Opiniona)      Minimum contactsb)     Subject matter jurisdictionc)      Personal jurisdictiond)     Both A & C6.      The right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury is guaranteed to the defendant by thea)      6th Amendmentb)     1st Amendmentc)      5th Amendmentd)     None of the above7.      The state Trial Court in Pennsylvania is calleda)      Pennsylvania Supreme Courtb)     Pennsylvania superior Courtc)      The Pennsylvania Municipal Courtd)     Court of Common pleas8.      Alicia fell in a store on olive oil, she hasa)      An excellent caseb)     Needs to prove notice on part of store ownerc)      May be comparatively negligentd)     Both A & C9.      The Uniform Commercial Code applies toa)      Real propertyb)     Fixturesc)      Sale of goodsd)     All of the above10.  Lori was acquitted of murder. Which of the following is true:a)      The state may appeal her convictionb)     The defendant may now be tried for assault and batteryc)      If the defendant committed the offense, she may be retired on new evidenced)     The defendant can be sued civilly by the victim’s family

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