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QA N TA S A NNUA L REP OR T 2020 Recognising our 100-year history From humble beginnings to becoming the national carrier, Qantas has been part of Australia for 100 years in 2020. While times have changed, the Qantas spirit remains the same — and we’ll continue to close the tyranny of distance for all the communities we serve. In November 1920, World War One veterans Hudson Fysh (left) and Paul McGinness (right) envisaged an air service connecting Australia to the world, forming Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (Q.A.N.T.A.S) at Winton. In 1921, operations moved to Longreach with the first Qantas aircraft — an Avro 504K built in Sydney. By 1947, the first Qantas Constellations were flying services from Sydney to London — on what is still known as the Kangaroo Route — stopping at Darwin, Singapore, Calcutta, Karachi,

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