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3:51 7 < Discussion Details Fall 2021 – MATH 116 (75146 – ONLINESYNC) 1. Graph and find the equation of the circle with the endpoints of a diameter are (9,-4) and (1,12). 2. Find the domain and range of the function f (x) = VX – 2 +3 Graph the function. 3. The volume of a gas in a container varies inversely as the pressure on the gas. If a gas has a volume of 304304 cubic inches under a pressure of 66 pounds per square inch, what will be its volume if the pressure is increased to 77 pounds per square inch? Round your answer to the nearest integer if necessary. 4a. Find x values where the function is increasing or decreasing. Answer in interval notation. 4b. Find an equation of the function (hint start with a more

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