Please answer one of the below prompts. Your posts this week should demonstrate critical reflection upon the assigned readings.

1. Think about how you might design a quantitative research project.  What methods would you use to collect your data?  What would you need to do to demonstrate that your study had a high degree of validity and reliability?

2. Generally speaking, what are some advantages and disadvantages to doing survey research?

Finally, what are some additional questions that you have about the different quantitative methods that are out there?  Use this as an opportunity to gain some clarity on the research methods discussed this week.

Graduate Course Forum Feedback Instructions
The minimum requirement for each week’s Forum assignment is to have a total of at least three posts per week:  one formal initial post, and two formal peer response posts. Note that doing so will only earn you a minimum score on the assignment
To earn full credit for each week’s Forum assignment, you need to exceed the minimum requirements, preferably by providing replies to peers who respond to your initial post.
Initial post: Your initial post should be at least 300 words and closer to 500 words, and it must be supported by at least two citations from the lesson’s assigned readings to demonstrate your own mastery of the material and also to help others process it.
Peer responses: You also need to respond to at least two other students in two separate discussion threads, and your responses must be supported by at least one citation from the lesson’s assigned readings to demonstrate your own mastery of the material and also to help others process it. Responses must be at least 100 words and closer to 250 words.  All three required posts should be supported by course readings using parenthetical references in the body and a complete citation at the bottom of your post. 
Your Initial Post must be:
posted by Thursday evening;
a minimum of 300 words and closer to 500 words; and
contain reference to at least two of the lesson’s assigned readings.
Formal Peer Responses: Respond to at least 2 other students
By Sunday evening; with
Responses between 100-200 words;
Containing reference to at least one of the lesson’s assigned readings; and
Include some type of engagement (e.g., direct questions).
Forum Engagement & Professor Queries: In addition, you need to:
Monitor the postings throughout the week; and

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