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Week 7 Discussion – Queer-of-Color Disidentifications in the Reality Realm Please engage at least one of this week’s articles (Muñoz’s “Pedro Zamora’s Real World of Counterpublicity” AND/OR Strings’ and Bui’s “She Is Not Acting, She Is”) and at least one of the week’s “suggested screenings” (The Real World: San Francisco, “Together and Apart” AND/OR RuPaul’s Drag Race, “Ru Ha-Ha”) to craft an organized and coherent 300-500 word response to the week’s material. You may choose to address any one or multiple of the below prompts and/or pose your own questions, critiques, and assessments. Please address specific and relevant aesthetic/thematic/narrative details about the episode(s), though, and use direct quotes or substantive paraphrases of the readings. You may start with some summary but synopsis should not comprise the bulk of your

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