Answer each question with short answer (answers for every set of question located in the link)

Alexander Chapter 6

· Describe the experience of the Jena 6: who, what, when, where. How was the case eventually adjudicated?

· By and large, what has been the attitude of the civil rights community on the War on Drugs?

· What one area of criminal justice has most been the focus of civil rights lawyers?

· Why was Rosa Parks chosen to be the symbol of courage by not giving up her seat on the bus?

· Who were Claudette Colvin and Mary Louise Smith? Why were they not chosen to represent the bus boycotters?

· Why does Alexander include these examples (Parks, Colvin, Smith) in her discussion of criminal advocacy?

· Do poverty and unemployment statistics include people behind bars?

· On what basis does Bruce Western argue that it is “pure fiction” that the Clinton years were good for African Americans?

· What is the Corrections Corporation of America?

· Besides for-profit prisons, name at least three “prison profiteers.”

· Does mass incarceration contribute substantially to lower crime rates?

· What did California’s Proposition 36 mandate?

· What is colorblindness and why is it problematic as an approach to the War on Drugs?

· What is California’s Proposition 54 (endnote #34). Did it pass or fail?

· Why does the author consider affirmative action as a “racial bribe”?

· What are the four threats to the declining circumstances of white men in the U.S.? Hint: one is NOT affirmative action.

· Does the presence of people of color as workers in the criminal justice make a difference in light of all the problems discussed in the book? Why or why not?

· Has President Obama’s administration made things worse or better? How does Alexander support this answer?

· Who said, “Look, you know, when I was a kid, I inhaled. Frequently. That was the point”?

· Which writer said to his nephew, “this is your home…do not be driven from it. …we can make America what it must become”?

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

· Who is the author

· To whom was the letter directed?

· What did St. Augustine say about an unjust law?

· Who was Albert Boutwell? Bull Connor?

· Which U.S. Constitutional Amendment guarantees peaceful assembly?

Antiracist Activism

· What is the name of Beverly Tatum’s 1997 book?

· What is Tatum’s definition of “antiracist activism” using the metaphor of the conveyor belt?

· Is there such a thing as passive antiracism? Why or why not?

· Describe who each of these antiracist activists are and what they did to end racism.

· Margaret Burnham

· Terry Davis

· Dr. Martin Nathan

· Dr. James Cameron

· Dr. Beverly Tatum

· Timothy Jacob Wise

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