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Review pages 28-30 in your textbook, the “Knowledge, Imagination, and Critical Thinking” discussion. Critical thinking is a means of evaluating and analyzing a situation or idea while using your knowledge and experiences as your intellectual guide. In Environmental Science, we must think critically to solve problems. We must apply our scientific understanding of the problem, our knowledge of possible solutions, and our experiences (as a geologist, perhaps) to determine the best course of action for a given problem. You critically think in your own discipline, too, when you apply your knowledge to new situations, questions, or problems.

For these assignments, I will ask you to think critically about a question or problem and apply your knowledge and research to answer that question or problem. Below are four different critical thinking questions. I would like you to choose ONE question, and prepare an essay response to the question. Your response should

be written as a 300-500 word essay, with a thesis statement, complete sentences and paragraphs, and a conclusion;

include at least one captioned and referenced image or diagram (Links to an external site.) that helps exemplify and support your response, and finally,

have the support of at least two primary sources cited in-text and in a Works Cited section in MLA format.You may choose ONE of the question prompts below for your posting. Be certain to address all parts of the prompt in your response.

We state that sustainability is the environmental objective. Construct an argument to support this statement. Are the ideas of sustainability and building a sustainable economy different in developing, poor countries than in countries that are affluent and have a high standard of living? How are they different, and why?

The concept of environmental unity is an important one today. Consider some major development being planned for your region/hometown/campus and a series of negative and/or positive consequences resulting from it. Outline how the principle of environmental unity could help in determining the project’s potential environmental impact.

Defend or criticize the notion that increase in human population is the environmental problem, and sustainability is the solution. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Do you think the precautionary principle should be applied to controlling the growth of the human population? How might it be applied?

A town is located in the foothills of a mountain range. The rock types in the city limits and just beyond are basalt, shale, and limestone. As the town grows and expands, what advice would you give planners as to potential geologic problems related to each of these rock types to be aware of as new buildings and roads are sited? What additional geologic information would be necessary?

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