Hi, I need help with essay on 3 page summary on the Eric T. Love, Race over Empire: Racism and U.S. Imperialism, 1865-1900. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Imperialism, 1865-19001. Love presents his case by looking at the rhetoric of anti-imperialists and the role they played which is matched by our perceptions of the other side in this long-ago dispute. According to Love, it was anti-imperialists who put race at the center of the debate in an attempt to move away from imperialism,and that any pro-annexation discourse centered on non-whites would be antithetical to the pro-imperialism agenda. Love tries to prove his case by using historical examples, such as the plan to annex Santo Domingo and the first attempts to seize Hawaii. Even with such a heavy burden of proof, Love makes a convincing argument to believe the opposite of current scholarship through first the use of a critique and second a thorough review of primary sources.Love begins his account with a critique of his opposition. To be clear, the opposition argument is that racist impulses drove pro-imperialism, most often phrased as “helping” in some fashion. The author takes into account the sentiments of historians Michael H. Hunt, Nell Irvin Painter, and others who believe that racism was the driving factor in nineteenth century U.S. imperialism. Love reviews these viewpoints with a historical example: that of the annexation of Hawaii. He quotes Editor Carl Schurz as commenting on the hostility toward annexing “States inhabited by people so utterly different from ours in origin, in customs and habits, in traditions, language, morals, impulses, ways of thinking—in almost everything that constitutes social and political life”2. The pro-imperialists realized this kind of thought was correct and shifted the argument away from the “white man’s burden”, and the fact that Hawaii was composed of a racially heterogeneous population, to one of outright lies and deception. Portraying Hawaii as a sanctuary White state being bombarded by Asian immigration, the imperialists once again played on racist feelings to gain

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