Rate of Photosynthesis versus CO 2 Concentration Graph & Question


Based on data in table 1 make a bar graph.

Remember to write a hypothesis, prediction, and figure caption for the graph. y= 1-5

X=Low, intermediate,high 2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2


Table 1: Effect of CO2 availability on rate of photosynthesis Tube Solution #oxygen bubbles 1 HO 36 2 H2O + 1ml NaHCO 3-Water 0 2 3 3 H2O + 3ml NaHCO 3-Water 32 Homework: Based on data summarized in Table 1, make a graph expressing the Photosynthesis rate (# bubbles) as a function of CO2 availability (low/intermediate/high). Remember to write a hypothesis, prediction and figure caption with the graph.

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