You tell me a price.

I need to answer the questions bellow, it needs to be at lease 250 words per question, however you can not use any resourses like any tipe of phrases from the internet (like sparknotes) because even if the plagiarism report apeared to be 0%, my university use an advanced system that detect any little thing. I am already at the red line because one of the assignmets that it was done here, it was rejected do to plagiarism even when the plagiarism report here was 0%. so everything has to be your own words. if you are willing to do this , so i would like to work with you with an essay due for next wednesday.

here is the assignmet.

Choose a different author from the list below for each of the three questions for this week’s writing. There are four authors and three questions, so you will only choose three of the four authors.

1. Mina Loy 2. Marianne Moore 3. F. Scott Fitzgerald 4. Randall Jarrell

Marianne Moore

  • “Poetry”
  • “To a Snail”
  • “The Paper Nautilus”
  • “The Mind is an Enchanting Thing”

Mina Loy

  • “Feminist Manifesto”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • “Babylon Revisited”

Randall Jarrell

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