Maximum 2500 words( do not include references)

•    Explain the role of digital strategy to navigate digital transformation and enhance a company’s performance.
•    Analyze the digital strategy implications of one emerging technology (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Block-chain, Internet of Things, etc.) in one industry.
•    Discuss how companies develop digital capabilities for harnessing emerging innovation opportunities.

Identify relevant literature (at least 10 relevant Journal articles. Start with the course references list to support your initial exploration of the themes, concepts and issues that may apply to the topic).

The goal is less than 5% similarity.

Please read the lecture slides as well, especially week 2,3 and 4

Make sure you understand SMAC (social, mobile. analytics, cloud) and PESTLE(Political, Economic, Societal, Technology, Legal Environment).
Try to use these two in your writing to analysis the industry.

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