• Read the lessons for Historical Context, The Victorian Era, American Poet: Walt Whitman, and American Authors: Kate Chapin and Edith Wharton.
  • Participate in the Discussion 6: Whitman (Graded).

Mini-Essay and Discussion 6: Whitman

Writing Prompt:  Walt Whitman is considered by many critics to be one of the first truly original American poets. He certainly started something new that set him apart from all the poets that came before him. Choose an element that you find interesting in one of the poems from Leaves of Grass or Drum Taps assigned in this module. For your new discussion post, write a short essay of at least 300 words that points out the element and explains why you find it so interesting. Keep in mind that this new post is a Gordon Rule assignment, meaning that the quality of your writing as well as the length will be considered during the evaluation/grading process. Then, reply to at least 3 of your classmates to get full credit for this assignment. Replies can be 30-40 words.

Mini-Essays and Discussions:

The Mini-Essays (your “new thread” in the discussion) are Gordon Rule assignments. Therefore, you should use your best writing skills when you work on these assi

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