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Redox Lab Lab Instructions: For this lab you will do a simplified report. Slide 12: 10 compounds, polyatomic ions, and elements are listed. You are to find the oxidation numbers of each element in the compound or polyatomic ion and show your work. These are worth 1 point each. Slide 40: 5 reactions are listed. You are to balance each of the 5 reactions using the half-reaction method. Show all of your work. Each reaction is worth 2 points The lab is worth 20 points total. Redox Lab Lab Objectives 1. Assign oxidation numbers 2. Recognize redox reactions 3. Balance simple redox reactions using the half-reaction method Assign oxidation numbers to atoms in a chemical species and use the oxidation numbers to identify and analyze a redox reaction. [Readings 4.9 Problems 87-92] Definition of Redox Reactions • These are reactions in which there

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