Submit a brief Reflection Essay (2 pages maximum) that discusses your experiences as a presenter this past week. Essay clearly discusses lessons learned from the facilitation experience as well as lessons learned from the assigned topic/material. The essay is of high writing quality, contains clear ideas, is well organized, carefully edited, and all sources are cited correctly.

· What was rewarding and/or challenging about this assignment? 

Rewarding was learning the different opinions and out looks of other class mates. The challenging part about the assignment was communicating with my group partner 

· How was the experience of working with your partner(s)? 

My experience working with my group partner was not a good experience. There was zero participation, I created the power point presentation the question etc. I attempted to reach out to partner on 3 different occasions to know prevail.

· Did your classmates’ questions and comments and/or your exchanges with them offer you new insights (i.e. Did leading the discussion offer you different perspectives on your topic than you’d considered when you originally developed your presentation?)

It’s good to see hear people opinion on “How Policing Black Boys Lead to the Conditioning of Black Men” As far as a different perspective on this topic than when you originally developed your presentation, no it did not. A lot of response where “this is a touchy topic” and though it may be for some but it is a lot of black men reality 

· In what ways did the other members of your group expand your understanding of the topic you presented? What did you feel you might have learned from one another?

There was little to no participation from my fellow group member Jacob. I would have appreciated more participation so I could learn from him.

· What insights from this assignment might you apply in your own life to increase the effectiveness of your intercultural communications?

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