In my view, the play ‘Hamlet’ is one of the best literary works authored by William Shakespeare. The artwork depicts the life of a character named Hamlet, whose past has been marred with an avalanche of hurdles. His problems escalate when his father, the King of Denmark, is mysteriously killed. Hamlet is intent on killing his father’s murderer (Shakespeare 31). Although his actions and temperament suggest that he is a lunatic, he only exhibits this behavior when dealing with a certain cadre of people. In fact, he only acts this way to enable him settle personal vendetta with his adversary, the murderer of his father. I find his actions quite outrageous given the fact that he is indeed, sane.

Hamlet’s predicament exacerbates the realization that his uncle, Claudius, wants to marry his mother. He can barely put up with his uncle’s actions. The move made by Claudius triggers my mind into wondering whether he had a hand in the killing of Hamlet’s father. Later on, Hamlet encounters a ghost when taking a tour around his late father’s castle (Shakespeare 37). The ghost, presumably the spirit of his father, loudly accuses Claudius of the murder most foul. Its voice confirms my worries; Claudius must have been involved in the heinous act. The bold decision by Hamlet to avenge against his uncle makes me realize the significant role that customs play in society.

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