Counseling Disposition Reflection Worksheet

Directions: Review the dispositions document and select three dispositions that you currently meet. Complete the chart by listing the dispositions met as well as a description of how the disposition is met. Each description response should be 75-100 words in length.

DispositionDescription of how the disposition is met
1. Psychological fitnessI take time to personally evaluate who I am as a person and assess my ways and my decisions in what I do from time to time. I am able to apply this reflective thinking on my professional work. I am prompt to send responses to my supervisors and my clients in any areas of concern they may need. I understand that for me to be an effective counselor, I need to have my unfinished and mental issues resolved and keep cleaning that closet every now and then.
2. FlexibilityTo ensure that I offer the best service to the client, I maintain an open mind and an open approach to the situation the client is in. this means I am able to align the therapy to the clients goals for the sessions, so as to effectively and fully help in the client’s recovery process. Allowing myself to cover a vast range of issues that the clients may have and being able to join the dots to the roots of issues is a skill well natured over time as I practice and document my findings.
3. PatienceSince I understand my clients want to recover from the situations that lead them to counseling, I have over years leant to be patient with them in every step of the way. Since some clients may not want to open up, persuasion and having an unconditional listening and understanding approach helps a long way in the delivery of great service to the client. Patience will also include allowing myself to indulge in topics that I may not feel comfortable in but need to be addressed, and doing this with an open mind.

Directions: Now that you have identified dispositions that you currently meet, review the disposition document again and consider any dispositions that you do not meet. Complete the chart below by adding the two dispositions you do not meet as well as a preliminary plan in regards to how you plan to improve the identified dispositions. Each description response should be 75-100 words in length.

DispositionDescription of how you plan to improve the disposition
1. Professional IdentitySince I am in training, I am yet to get my practicing license. This will allow me to practice counseling outside internship bounds or as a single entity. With my studies and everyday research, I will be able to deliver the best services to my clients. I will apply and do more certifications, master in the area and go for a doctorate on the same. My will is to provide the best service to the community to whom I am wholly indebted to for as my part to play in society.
2. Cultural DiversityI am expected to know, understand and embrace cultural diversity as I deal with my clients. I am yet to understand all the cultures around the world for me to become the best world renowned counselor. I am therefore reading vastly on different cultures to be able to handle a larger scope of clients from within and without the country. This means interacting more with my clients to also have firsthand training as I treat the clients. This calls for a sharp and calculated approach to clients whom I am not very well understand their culture.

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