Hello everything you need to know about this assignment is already bellow this message. the pdf to fill out and also the graph page you can download is attached under as well. let me know if you need anything else thanks.

Here is the Atmosphere lab for this week:

Humidity Around the Clock.pdf
May not properly download. Try this Word file
Humidity Around the Clock.docx

Print this out, conduct the experiment and record your data, plot the data, and answer the questions manually, then scan as one pdf with multiple pages and submit to Canvas here.

For this experiment, you will need a Relative Humidity Chart RelativeHumidityChart.pdf

You will need to plot your data on standard graph paper. If you want to print some out here is the file that we have been using:

3 graph paper.docx

Coaching Points

This is a great hands-on experiment and your results will vary depending on the local climate and what weather systems are coming through. If possible, I would encourage you to pick a day this week where the weather will be relatively stable without a major system or weather front moving through.

As you are recording your data be sure you put the wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures in the right column. And the wet bulb temperature should be the same or lower than the dry bulb temperature. If it is higher you may be using water warmer than the air temperature and not giving it time to equibrate.

Finally, reading the RH off the chart can be a bit tricky. If you are not sure ask for help with that.

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