Need help with my writing homework on Reliability Future of Wireless Network. Write a 1500 word paper answering; 802.11n is a wireless network technology designed by electrical and electronics engineers based on the previous standard and now using a new MIMO (Multiple input and multiple outputs) principles. In this technology, the range is also improved as compared to the previous standards. There are more antennas and new techniques used in this standard that can increase the channel bandwidth. The coding scheme used in 802.11n is the Alamouti coding scheme. This coding scheme was released in 1998 and was designed for a two-transmit antenna system. The installation of 802.11n network technology has reduced the TCO by delivering reliable wireless network that supports a huge range of mobility application without reducing the performance of the whole network. The devices supapplications 802.11n have a builtwhole network’s performance are transmitting. This standard is quite different from the older technologies based on its range of frequency and the use of new technology, MIMO, in which several data streams are transferred from one place to another (Cisco, 2014).The benefit of new technology is that the user can send more and more data simultaneously. Another technique used in this wireless network technology is channel bonding, which can use two separate channels that do not overlap simultaneously. The advantage of this channel bonding is that the amount of data is also greater than before a user wants to send. When the user transmits data, each technology divides the whole data into small packets, sent to the receiver machine or device. But in 802.11n, the data is also sent in packets, which provides an advantage that more data can be embedded in a single packet than the legacy wireless network technologies (Haskin, 2007).The 802.11n wireless technology runs in critical modes classified& ad hoc mode and infrastructure mode.