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1-What intrigues you most about holy week?

What can be said to start the conversation about persecution based on religion?

I also offer this video that is a Christian Pastor as an explanation of the Gospel and the meaning of Easter to Christianity. What is the Gospel, Matt Chandler

2- What were the main characteristics of the early Christian Church up to the 4th century?

You will find primary source material by looking up “ante-nicene fathers” (these are the writers before the council of Nicea in 325), “nicene fathers” and “post-nicene fathers”.  Wikipedia is not the most scholarly source, but it will give you names of people and councils that you can use for further research.

Fox’s Book of Martyrs will also be a good resource.


One of the key characteristics happened as the church separated from Judaism.  The church needed to form their own religious system, which I call church governance. 

The earliest church was governed by the dictates of the church in Jerusalem, but as the apostles scattered, and later, died, the governance of the churches changed drastically.  At first, the churches were very disorganized where each town governed itself.  As Christianity spread in its size and influence, leaders developed from within and these leaders took on larger roles.  Eventually, the leaders of the larger cities gained great influence, being called Bishops (as you mentioned Polycarp and Irenaeus) and the Bishop of Rome took on the greatest influence and was called the Pope.

What was the result of the church being governed by leaders both within the local body and from above?

What are some other characteristics of the Early Church?

4-What were the causes of the 16th century Protestant Reformation and how did it affect Christianity?

For extra fun, who was the “morning star of the reformation”?

5- Please use this thread to discuss the Nicene Creed, the need for solidifying doctrine, how the creed has changed through the years or any other impressions you have about it.

6- Use this thread to discuss the beginning of the Christian Church, speaking in tongues or other impressions from Acts 2.

7-As we study the three Western Religions through this class and we discuss the challenges they face in the modern world, one question that keeps surfacing is the fact that they are exclusive in their thinking.  They all believe that their God is the only one.

Steven Curtis Chapman has been in Christian music since 1987 and has 48 #1 hits on the CCM charts.  His song, Cinderella, still enjoys much play time on CCM stations 10 years after its original release.  His latest release is his first “worship” album, Worship and Believe (2016).

Here I offer one of the songs from that album, titled One True God, in a live version.

What do you think of the song? the quality of the performance? the audience?

What do you think of the idea that a big name artist is saying that his God is the only true God?

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