Here is your goal for this assignment:

Write a report explaining the selection and purchase of your new car
Using the Internet, local newspapers, and/or any regional information, write a 600 word report on the kind of NEW car you would buy. Sorry, we do not mean the car you would buy from the neighbor down the street or the model sitting in the parking lot. This is to be a NEW car from a dealership. Although you can use your imagination and purchase a Mercedes Benz ® , Jaguar ® or even a Rolls Royce ® , you must give the following information in your paper:

The purchase price you would pay for the car from a local dealership in your area. The price is to be the price of the car WITH NO EXTRAS. It should be the price of a car completely stripped down to the basics. What would it cost?
The price of the car from the same dealership with air conditioning, CD player, anti-lock brakes, and any other extras you wish to add.
The price you would pay for bumper-to-bumper coverage. What does bumper-to-bumper coverage mean? Is it better or worse than a power-train warranty, and why or why not?
If you were going to pay this car off in 36 months, what would be your monthly payments?
The insurance on your car. How much would your monthly insurance be? Is there a way you could lower the price of the insurance?

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