Your analytics department needs to run some reports to get information on patients. For each Report Request, look at the list of available fields of data and compile a list of data that must be included in the report to give the analytics department the information that they need (Don’t forget about patient contact information!).

The list of fields of data is in the Excel file listed below.


Report Request 1:
A list of all male patients over the age of 50 who have not had a colonoscopy so that reminder cards can be sent.

Report Request 2:
A list of unemployed patients from the city of Minneapolis who have outstanding balances of more than $1,000 so that the patients can be called and told about a special program in Minneapolis for assistance for unemployed workers in paying large medical bills.

Report Request 3:
A list of Spanish-speaking patients living in Anoka County with high blood pressure who are not on high blood pressure medication to determine eligibility for a county-sponsored hypertension drug study of Spanish-speaking men over the age of 65. Contact will be made via phone when patients are identified.

Put your three lists in a Word document, title your lists “Report Request 1 Data Fields,” “Report Request 2 Data Fields,” and “Report Request 3 Data Fields.”

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