ased on your research of a leader, with reference to theory and knowledge

learned in this course, provide an analysis of his or her leadership approach and


(Total 1500 word)

To answer this question students will have to have prepared in advance and this is

signalled throughout the course. In particular, students are asked to find an example of

leadership in a real-life context, observe and/or interview the leader, and write in the

exam an essay linking the practice they observed to theory.

Suggestions for subjects given in the course include the following, but other examples are


• Their job

• Clubs – sports, hobbies

• Specific projects

• Small local firms (with employees!)

• Other businesses

• Schools

• Nurseries

• Fire/police stations

• Scouts and similar

Do not include leaders from history or leaders whom you are otherwise not able to

observe or interview.

Throughout the LTP course there have been ‘exam preparation’ suggestions relating to

Mandatory Question 1. Ultimately, Question 1 should be a coherent essay that fulfils the

following requirements:

• Set the scene – clearly explain who was studied, gender, age, context.

• Explore leadership style(s) observed.

• Link practice to theories of leadership. The best answers will cite references to

scholarly work covered in the course and will engage with the key question of how

useful theory is.

• Provide an analysis of how successful the leadership observed is and make

suggestions as to how it might develop, if appropriate.


Marks are awarded based on:

1. The clarity of the explanation of who was studied and the context.

2. Clear evidence of primary empirical study of the subject, either by interview or

observation, so that the topic is entirely original.

3. The quality of analysis of primary data in the context of knowledge and theories

included in the course.

4. A clear and informed statement about the success of the leadership observed.Do you have a similar assignment and would want someone to complete it for you? Click on the ORDER NOW option to get instant services at