Research Paper: Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma

Ramona Yarbrough

School of Behavioral Sciences, Liberty University

HSCO 500

Research Paper: Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma

Trauma is defined as an adverse event or scenario that causes physical and emotional suffering to people leading to post-traumatic stress disorder in adulthood. For instance, children can adopt coping mechanisms that are harmful to them in one way or the other as they grow. Studying childhood trauma caused by sexual abuse can help understand what shaped the child’s emotional, psychical, and intellectual experiences in their early stages of growth and development (Guerra et al., 2018). Children who have undergone sexual abuse find it difficult to engage in sexual relationships in adulthood because of stress and trauma.

Exposure to sexual abuse makes children hate the abuser and everyone related to them. Studies have shown that experiencing abuse has caused the body to age faster (Salloum et al., 2020). Therefore, individuals, who have undergone it may end up aging faster. It is important to note that victims need to come out early and undergo therapies that will help them overcome the ordeal. For example, one can engage psychologists to overcome the situation. Psychologists offer relevant counseling and advice that can help the victim stay positive.

To sum up, trauma is categorized as a chronic health condition; thus, a public health concern. Furthermore, Trauma is associated mainly with sexual abuse, HIV and AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, hypertension, and death (Salloum et al., 2020). According to various research and studies, trauma increases heart-related activities resulting in diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attack. The results could be high cognitive dysfunction and lead to impairment in adulthood. It is, therefore, significant to study trauma because of the adverse effects it causes on people.


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