submit one(approximately 10 – 15 double spaced pages; not counting title or reference pages) term paper covering Zero Tolerance Policing. Include graphs to support your findings. 

The research paper will be worth 20% of your final grade. Your research paper should be written in accordance with the APA writing standards. Your paper will be graded using the attached rubric outline. You must post your paper to the site, then submit your paper as an attached file (i.e., a word document). I will review your paper for originality once it’s posted to the site. You will NOT have access to the paper once submitted. Be sure to click on the “submit for grading” radio button in the bottom right of the assignment box once you submit your paper.

Again the format for the paper is: (a) APA, (b) Times New Roman style, (c) 12-point font, (d) double spaced, and (e) 1 inch page margins (Top, Bottom, Left and Right Side).

Note: the paper must have at least 5 references from primary sources, for example (a) .gov websites, (b) your text, and (c), peer-reviewed journals. Make sure in text references, quotes, and reference list are written in accordance with APA. Note: Encyclopedias of any kind, including the very popular Wikipedia, are not primary sources and should not be cited or used in constructing academic papers at the graduate or undergraduate level. They can, however, be useful to help gather some background information and to point the way to more reliable sources.

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