through this paper im hoping to answer these questions : What is child labor? How big of a problem is it in China? Which cities have the highest use, number of children, overall stats. the relation to education and the effects on children, What is the relationship between economic growth and child labor? does is help or worsen the economy? etc. 

this asignmnet is very broad the only instructions are the following: It must
involve some research on your part which will be indicated by the inclusion of references
to at least one book and one periodical (preferably from a peer review journal)
article, primary preference is that you use scholarly journals for your periodical
sources, and the guidlines say Because this is your research paper, you need to put the ideas and arguments in your own words. Because the ideas and arguments are probably obtained from your research, you
need to properly cite your sources in your text as you use them even as you use your ownwords. Do not paraphrase discussions.

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