I just need a revision on it, just tweak it a bit! not much to it. ONLY ADDING ON A LITTLE BIT BASED ON INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!Here’s the directions:The research proposal will be your self esteem research proposal, with several important additions:1) IF you did not get a perfect score (25/25), integrate the feedback that I gave on your first proposal — if you didn’t include external citations, do so, if you didn’t discuss study limitations, do so, etc. 2) In addition to the research summary (your updated self esteem research proposal) you will also write a ~250 word abstract which summarizes the research proposal. For examples of what a study abstract looks like, I recommend looking at the articles that were examples in the paper review assignment.The abstract will be worth 5 points, and must include the following: An opening sentence that motivates the research question (e.g., “Self-esteem is critically important for the healthy development of Boston Terriers living in Philadelphia.”). 1 pointA sentence that is an overview of the hypothesis. (1 point)A sentence that summarizes the methods your proposal will use to test your research hypothesis (1 point)A sentence that summarizes your expected results. (1 point)A sentence that discusses the implications of your proposed research (e.g., “If found, this would suggest that factors X and Y are meaningful contributors to Boston Terrier self esteem”). (1 point

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