Paper instructions

Instructions: Individually, find a job vacancy in which you are interested, and would like to apply for. You will then prepare the following.

1. Prepare a detailed cover letter for the position, (using the format from sample cover letter template in the module) the cover letter should be written as if you were genuinely applying for the position. The cover letter will be graded based on format, content applicability (i.e. is the letter suited to the specific job), grammar, and sentence construction.

2. Prepare a complete resume based on the BUAD 202 checklist format attached. Your resume should not be generic of course but customized to fit the position for which you will be applying. The resume will be graded based on the attached rubric and is worth

PS. Please ensure your resume follow the BUAD Resume Checklist attached as this is what I will use along with the rubric to assign grades. It therefore means that as long as I can check off the elements and they are done correctly you should gain maximum points.

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