Career Project 2: Portfolio – Three Components – 225 pts. total

Component B: Resume/Cover Letter (100 pts.). Turn your attention to the present time and place. Even if you are currently working, find a different, specific (better?) position for which you are qualified. Prepare a resume and cover letter targeting the specific job you have chosen. Cover letter= 1st person allowed, Cover letter format, (pg. 41 in the reader). Resume= 3rd person only, no sentences (example= My duties consisted of lots of things like cleaning tables and restocking. Instead write= Cleaned tables and restocked shelves, resume format (pgs. 44 – 45, in the reader).


A few things to add to the cover letter:

  • Make sure you have additional contact information with the address at the top. List a phone number and email address there or in the last paragraph. Many of you will want to match the heading from your resume to the heading on the letter. This is not required but does look nice!
  • Do not just repeat the same information contained in your resume. This is your chance to discuss why you are a great candidate!
  • Email addresses are not underlined or in blue.

A few things to check in the resume:

  • All past jobs are in past tense (managed, worked, assisted, etc.). Current jobs are in present tense (manage, work, assist, etc.)
  • Do not list high school or high school activities.v

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