The discussion of characterization in the short story turns on a very solid insight about the genre typically focuses on a single character even though there may be other characters in a story. The thesis is shrewdly complicated by pointing out that the central character may be flat or round. The essay might do more to demonstrate that the central character in a story can be flat. This is a bold point, but it needs to be developed since the central character is usually thought to undergo a struggle or conflict in the course of the story. Do you think the central character can emerge from this struggle unchanged? Could you say more about each character you discuss? Does Armand undergo any changes? Is Paul truly a flat character or does he develop and change by the end of his splurge in New York? The essay could do with a revision to make it more orderly, so that the end of the penultimate paragraph does not revert to Desiree. Conventionally, we put the titles of short stories in quotation marks rather than italics. -These are comments that came from my professor. Please keep them in mind.

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