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Locate an online “letter to the editor” from a major news publication looking specifically for examples of logical fallacies and emotional or logical appeals. Pay special attention to the persuasive appeal information in Chapter 12. The main goal of this discussion is to detect and describe logical fallacies. If you do not find any logical fallacies in your selection, please look for another letter. Summarize and provide an evaluation of the letter. Consider the following questions when developing your evaluation:

  • What type of persuasive appeal did the writer use (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)?
  • Did the writer use an emotional appeal?
  • Did the writer use a logical appeal?
  • Did the writer use indictive reasoning, deductive reasoning or analogy?
  • What logical fallacies did you detect in the letter?

Include the URL to your selected “letter to the editor” in your discussion Do not post “letter to the editor” that has already been provided and evaluated. Check the forum before posting your resource. Credit will not be given for a repeat letter.

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