Risk Management Tools and Decision Making WorksheetHCS/456 Version 42

Risk Management Tools and Decision Making Worksheet

Complete Parts A and B.

Part A: Risk Management Tools

Complete the table below.

Risk Management ToolIdentify the tool and how it is used

Part B: Risk Management Decisions

Review scenarios below.

Scenario 1:

A patient arrives at the Emergency Department and is admitted for increased pain with the source unknown. The on call physician asks the intake staff, “What is the source of payment for the patient” in order to assist with his decision to see the patient or not. The physician then declines to see the patient based on the insurance status.

Scenario 2:

A patient is admitted to the medical floor in a health care facility. She is confused and won’t stay in her bed. The patient is placed in a room at the end of the hall away from the nurse’s station and she is not easily seen by staff. The patient continues to get out of bed without using her call light and eventually falls resulting in an injury.

Write a 75-150- word response to each of the following questions based on the scenarios presented. Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and use your own words. Follow standard grammar rules and provide examples where appropriate to support your answers.

1. What is the risk management issue presented in each scenario?

2. What do you propose to resolve the issues? Explain your answer.

3. What challenges do you foresee with the propose solutions?

Cite your sources below if applicable. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, log on to the Reference and Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence.

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