Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on what kind of person tries to change society what is his or her character and motivation Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! A change requires risk-taking. The risk-taking is a psychological characteristic of these individuals and it makes them have an inclination towards risks. It is common for people to expect changes to result from the authority. Change catalysts in the society do not, however, wait for such moments. They push for the changes despite the challenges associated. This counterflow to the forces of the norm makes this process of pushing for change a daring move for most members of the society who embrace pessimism. Most people opt to changes through violence. Pushing for a change, however, requires peaceful methodologies to achieve this task. According to Hardy (241), power in the society derives from consent and obedience. Power is therefore not an entitlement of money or position. Agents of change aim to nail these two areas in the society to win the necessary support required for their activities. Hardy goes ahead to explain that people who bring about change use nonviolent mechanisms of advocating reforms. The individuals end up enjoying consistent loyalty from society. It is usual for activists in society to possess a different form of courage. A change, in most cases, is a process rather than an event. It requires consistency both in action and in thoughts. Often, such consistency faces many challenges that try to deviate an individual from their set principles. Both mental and physical changes are required for the continued push of the principles. According to Paul (1), this persistence in taking the risk to bring a change stems from addiction. Any constraint in their activities acts as a stimulus making them even stronger. Mr Drayton says that for social change to occur there must be an actualization of the intended changes (Christian Science Monitor 1). Individuals who push for positive change in society have one thing in common. they all have the tendency to denounce oneself for the betterment of others. They have a surprising sense for human dignity.&nbsp.

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