Based on the Novella
The question is to identify values that Andy dufresne possesses which are necessary for all of society to possess in order to realize goals in life. Specific references must be explored from the novella and society today.

Grade 12 Level Writing
The essay needs to consist:
-Analyzing the story and to not describe the story because he has read it
-Need to talk about it has implicated him
-Need to talk about 2 or 3 characteristics and A worldview perspective in a separate paragraph
-Adding direct quotations per paragraph NOT as an example from the novella
-The paragraphs should discuss, have examples ( not the direct quotations), then direct quotations, Then logical outcomes ( the analysis of the discussion)
-Since the discussion and logical outcomes( analysis of discussion) make up 90 percent of the mark in each paragraph work harder on them
-Look at the essay format and the question sheets provide in the pictures
-Work citied
-Plagiarism Check

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