Ritual Among the Nacirema City Reaction Paper

1. Hi everyone! I chose this Oriental rug as an example of tessellation because it has repeated patterns of beautiful detailed intricate designs. This rug has been in my house for a long time now and I don’t know exactly where we got it from however if I am to guess it’s probably from Ikea. I’m using this piece from my home because I personally can’t go out due to Covid. This example of tessellation reminds me of nature due to its floral and leaf like patterns. If you look at the outer portion of the rug you will see a pattern of subtle and simplistic floral designs. As you draw your eyes toward the center of the rug you will see various different square patterns that are arranged in a particular repeating fashion. In the four outer corners and the middle dividing line of the centered portion of the rug there is a darker color with a lighter pattern that looks like a twig. This compliments another few squares which seem to have leaf-like designs. This reminds me of nature and the particular ordered pattern gives it an easy flow of similarities and differences which I appreciate. This rug is a tessellation due its repeated pattern and symmetry. There are a few different patterns that are repeated over and over throughout the rug. This Oriental rug uses various geometric shapes to create a naturistic and floral approach. Aside from the obvious patterns that I have mentioned, this rug also exposes the emphasis on certain patterns through their sheer size. This creates contrast and also exemplifies the symmetry of the many different patterns that are embedded in this rug. 2. I chose the artwork “Tessellation No.1,” by Jason Lane, because it was both a beautiful piece of art as well as an example of San Diego public art. The sculpture is expansive and mesmerizing. It shows great craft and expert design by the artist. This particular tessellation is located in Liberty Station near a Rose Garden which is the perfect place for it since the artwork itself is serene and introspective. It is also very interesting that the tessellation has handmade molds and made from concrete. It takes a long time to make a tessellation of this magnitude. This artwork is a tessellation due to the fact that the shapes, which in this case are tightly fitted crescent moons, are repeated in an intersecting pattern. The shapes repeat again and again for the entire art piece. The crescent moons packed together almost look like it forms a repeating flower throughout the piece which also gives the artwork a tranquil quality. The custom-made art is multidimensional and plays with light, design, and exterior designs. Ultimately, It is a ideal form of new modern architecture that both has function and beauty. 3. I chose this wonderful tessellation patterned floor rug that I’ve had for a while at my home which I purchased it a while back from The Home Depot because it is my favorite and it represents the beautiful design and patterns of geometric shapes such as the hexagon, which is repeated throughout the tiles. The rug is very soft and the patterns are very neat and organized in the way they connect on the rug. What makes the repeated patterns a tessellation is that the type of it is a translation where the geometric shape of the hexagons repeat by moving and sliding in a vertical and horizontal direction. Also, the colors are very unique and simple such as the grey fillings in the middle of each hexagon, followed by the brown lines that connect the rest of the tiles on this rug.

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