Persuasive Speech Outline I. Intro a. And they both lived happily ever after…. i. That’s what most of us were brought up thinking b. Everyone dreams about finding the one Thesis: Romantic movies and books should stop glorifying an unrealistic idea of love II. III. IV. Since 1937, Walt Disney Studios have been releasing various movies that include princesses. a. Princesses i. characteristics that make them individual and more relatable to the young viewers across the world. b. All relate to each other i. Common theme = love all of them having their own stories and characteristics which make them individual and more relatable to the young viewers across the world. 1. all end with their Prince Charming. 2. The root of the problem to all the people who hold high expectations to their love life. everyone shares the belief that our lives should be like a fairy-tale. a. Most who grew up with Disney movies now have the expectations that their lives will resemble a princess. i. They dream to one day be swept off their feet by their Prince Charming, 1. unrealistically handsome which adds to the expectations, and live happily ever after. 2. these expectations have stuck with us but in different forms. a. love at first sight, 3. others believe it is ludicrous i. Ludicrous: ridiculous Love Map a. a person’s mental image of the ideal lover, the ideal love relationship, and ideal sexual activity with the partner, expressed in fantasy and in actual sexual behavior. b. Forms at a young age i. This is when we are watching those fairytales 1. 5-8 y/o ii. growing up in our teenage years watch romcoms that build a reality only achievable in movies V. These ideas can cause people to get hurt a. The ideas of Disney movies have slowly developed into the romantic teen movies we all know and love. b. Movies such as, ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ have the shared innocence of Disney movies but have seemed to grow up with the viewers. i. This has caused a connection between the viewers and the characters making the lives of the characters feel more relatable. c. This has caused men and women to feel like their lives should be like the perfect lives carried out by the beloved characters they have grown with. i. Domestic violence 1. why people stay in those relationships not just because they are manipulated by a sig other but maybe because they were manipulated once by a falsehood of relationships that they think maybe one day they can live if they stick it out 2. VI. VII.

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