Romanticism to Impressionism The Stages of Life Discussion


Purpose: The reason for this assignment is for you to learn about one work of art in a comprehensive manner.  The assignment begins with a detailed description in order to develop your abilities in visual analysis, which is the foundational skill of art history.  The better you get at close looking and analyzing visually what you are seeing, the deeper understanding you will have of works of art.  It continues with a conversion of your visual analysis into a thesis driven paper. It culminates with a research component in which you place the painting in its historical and cultural context.  When completed, your paper should communicate the complex meaning of one work of art in the way that art historians do in museums, catalogs, and documentaries.

Part 1: Description – due Feb. 5 by midnight

Choose one painting from the choices in the slide show. Write a detailed description of your painting in the following structured manner:

· 1st paragraph – introduction in which you identify the painting by artist, title, and date, and say a few things about the painting as an object. What size is it? What kind of materials did the artist use? Where is it today?

· 2nd (and possibly 3rd) paragraph – describe the subject of the painting. What did the artist depict? Start with the major elements and then proceed to the details. In this section do not yet describe colors, lighting, etc.

· 3rd paragraph – describe the painting’s composition. Is it a crowded scene? Are things in the painting very close to the viewer or far away? Is it symmetrical or asymmetrical? Etc.

· 4th paragraph – describe the palette (colors) used by the artist. Begin by stating the overall color effect, for example pastels, or jewel tones, earth tones, cool or warm shades, e.g. Then get more detailed. Comment on anything that really stands out in terms of color.

· 5th paragraph – describe the lighting in the paintings. Is the light coming from one side, casting shadows on the other? Is it brightly lit or dimply lit? Is it warm light, sunlight, candle light, misty light, and so on.

· 6th paragraph – describe the brushwork used by the artist. Is it loose and broad str

Goya, Nude and Clothed Maja Wright of Derby, The Orrery Degas, The False Start Renoir, Two Sisters Degas, The Millinery Shop Monet, Garden at Argenteuil Rossetti, Proserpina, 1874 Dadd, Portrait of a Young Man Delacroix, Arab Horseman Attacked by a Lion Gerome, The Black Poet Ingres, Joan of Arc Moreau, Salome Caillebotte, Canoing Manet, Argenteuil Hunt, The Light of the World Millet, Spring Courbet, Self Portrait David, Count Potoki Manet, A Bundle of Asparagus Gericault, Kleptomaniac Delacroix, Paganini Friedrich, Stages of Life Friedrich, Chalk Cliffs at Rugen Fuseli, The Three Witches Morisot, The Cradle

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