*The requirements for this research paper are:

  1. 12-point font in Times New Roman or Arial
  2. Double-spaced with 1-inch margins
  3. 1,500 words in length (about 4-5 pages)
  4. Title Page with Original Title (Do not just simply write Germans)
  5. A reference/bibliography page (this will be submitted separately)

The following criteria must be present in your research paper in order to be considered for full credit:

  1. Origins: 
  1. Where did they come from?
  2. What push and pull factors caused them to come to the United States?  *You must use SPECIFIC events. 
  3. Where did this immigrant group settle? Identify and explain the patterns.
  4. Which sectors did these individuals usually find employment and why? What were their occupations?
  1. Hardships: *You must have two. 
  2. What events detail the struggles of these immigrant groups? They can be such as but not limited to
  1. Specific names of riots
  2. What kind/s of discrimination did they face?
  3. Industrial disasters which resulted in death and grievances
  4. Certain individuals who were subjected to attacks and not given rights due to their ethnic background.
  5. Events which may have led to destruction of property.

*For this project to be successful you must have names of SPECIFIC events and/or people. The key to success is being detailed in your reports.

In addition, your information must also fit a “narrative” of detailing immigrant/minority hardships. DO NOT SIMPLY LIST FACTS. THIS IS NOT SHORT ANSWERS ON A QUIZ

  1. Political Participation: Although you should focus on specific cases of involvement with protesting/organizing, etc., you MUST ALSO include one case study – either an individual or their family). You may choose either (a) or (b).
  1. Name one incident this group protested or organized for/against. 
    1. What? When? and Where?  *It can be an INDIVIDUAL of this ethnic background. 
    2. Why were they protesting?
  2. Were the results successful?
  3. What was the case about? When did it take place?
  4. What issue/issues was the case about?
  5. Who was involved?
  6. What was the result?
  7. What rights were gained if any? What is the long-term impact of the case?

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