One important principle is the incorporation of the HR team as part of the Basic Business Continuity Plan. The HR component is important because they deal with behind-the-scene issues such as paying employees, the welfare of staff, and tracking staff call-outs, sick time, etc. We tend to focus on the obvious such as keeping the lights on and the doors open but we forget that our employees are our most important resource. Without them, we cant execute any continuity or recovery plans.

The other important aspect of having HR in the midst of continuity planning is the development and enforcement of company policies, specifically those policies that support employee work practices or the inclusion of an external workforce in the event of an emergency situation. Not having these policies can prove detrimental in the middle of a crisis. Furthermore, not having solid HR policies can open the organization to liability and/or labor action. The HR team should focus on policies and practices that support the workforce during any phase of a disaster.

I choose this particular concept because this became an issue in the early phases of the COVID pandemic with the organization that I worked for. Specifically, there were issues with maintaining the workforce when a significant amount of employees were calling off due to various COVID-related issues. The HR team was responsible for the reassignment of employees in addition to supporting clinical activities with external staffing agencies. Furthermore, things such as employee health, pay, childcare, and policy development became hot topics during the response and recovery phases. There were many activities that occurred during the pandemic that caused the organization to adopt COVID-specific policies. The organization also had a nursing union that required the focus on the HR team throughout the response. All of these things could have contributed to slow and painful response and recovery but the HR team, with the support of senior leadership, was able to adjust to a new way of life so that the organization could maintain safe patient care.2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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1_Question: Step one: Read Chapter 2 in its entirety. There is much in the form of “common understandings” in those pages. Step two: You are asked to find one important principle and develop a two-three -paragraph expansion in order to make the concept clearer. Do not use any outside sources here. As well, indicate why you chose that principle to discuss. Take your time with this one just to make sure your points are well taken. Remember, do not use any direct quotes from the text or other source. Your paraphrasing will do the job nicely. 2- I want you to respond to one of my classmates. (I will send it later) 3- If my teacher ask me question about the answer, I would like you to respond.
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