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1. In what ways is the film, A Separation, about different kinds of separation (family, class, gender, religious law, oneself and one’s hopes)? Name at least two ways and use examples from the film.

2. Morality is an important aspect of the film (see the assigned reading). One of the central themes of the film is moral decisions that revolve around truth-telling and lies. In what ways do we see this and what are the outcomes? Be specific and use examples. Make at least one reference to the readings to support your comment – cite the section, using “quotations” and citation in parentheses following your citations (Reading name, page number).

3. As with many Iranian films, door and windows and walls play a role in framing characters and their relationships to others. What kind of door, windows and walls do we see and how can we interpret them? For instance, at times walls separate characters. Be specific. Take a screen shot of the film at the scene you are writing about. Attach this to your forum discussion. 4 points for one post including the image.

find the Film here:https://hermes.csusm.edu/Mediasite/Channel/05d1404…

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