Assessment Brief Details:

Sandy Hook Promise: Teenage Dream

“Sandy Hook Promise, the non-profit that aims to prevent gun violence in schools, has returned with another powerful campaign by Alex-Henry Rubin and BBDO NY. The heart-wrenching video features survivors of school shootings somberly reciting lyrics to Katy Perry’s pop anthem Teenage Dream – a stark reminder of innocence lost and lives forever changed” (

Watch the Sandy Hook Promise ad on YouTube here:

For this assignment you must write a report analysing this advert and some of the issues behind it. You should find out what the organisation Sandy Hook Promise is and what they stand for. If you are not aware of the events which led to the founding of this organisation, you must carry out some research into school shootings. This will give you the information to provide a background and context to the campaign. You must then consider the issue of Not for Profit advertising and what makes it different from other types of ad campaigns, together with the persuasive elements used in this campaign. What was BBDO trying to achieve? What techniques have they used? Do you think it is emotionally engaging?

You will be assessed on the depth of your analysis, the extent to which you draw on theory to explain your arguments, and your ability to produce a well-written and researched report.Explanation & Answer: 3000 WordsTags: psaschool shootingsTeenage Dream

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