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This is your time to act in the name of conservation! At this point you should have narrowed down your idea to help save your species; now, put it into action. Record data from before and after you implement a change to help your species. After a week of trying your method to help conserve your species, write up a paper discussing how it went. Be sure to address the following questions:

  1. What action you chose and why you chose it.
  2. What planning you needed to do ahead of implementing the action. What data you recorded before implementing the change.
  3. How you implemented your actions. What exactly was it that you did?
  4. How things went while you were implementing your action. Were there any unforeseen obstacles?
  5. The data you recorded while or after implementing your change and how it compares to the data from before you implemented the change.
  6. Present the data in a figure.
  7. Did you incur any benefit from the change in your actions? Were you happier? Did it save you money? Did it bring more animals to your yard? Did you feel better knowing you were helping save a species?
  8. Will you continue to implement your action? Why or why not?

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