Science of Persuasion

The corporate sector has become a center of information and it is important to project a professional outlook in order to reach out to the target audience. In this regard, a LinkedIn profile is one that is preferred as it reaches out more to the professional sphere and practitioners. Primarily, the LinkedIn profile has been designed in a manner that its outlook projects a welcoming aura and provides sufficient details about the organization. In this regard, potential market and the target audience already have an idea of what the organization is about and what it supports.

The professionalism of the LinkedIn platform requires that the messages shared are relevant and insightful. The messaging in the platform in essence harnesses the principles of persuasion as it gives the participating audience the opportunity to engage with the organization and share ideas. The principle of social proof thus is put to use through the continued publishing of relevant information and insightful facts about the role and work that the organization strives to achieve with the community. Further, the invitation to interact with the audience on the platform makes it possible to bring more people on board to share their input that is important to the growth and development of the organization as well as service delivery.

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