Please answer one of the two prompts noted below. Your posts this week should demonstrate critical reflection upon the assigned readings.

1. This week we focused on developing an understanding for some different qualitative methods. What are two or three assumptions that are made specific to qualitative research?  Be specific in your description of each one.  When considering some of the various qualitative methods that are out there, what challenges might they pose to a study’s validity, reliability, and generalizability?

2. A tremendous amount of research is conducted each year through secondary analysis. What is secondary analysis and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using secondary data?  Give an example of a study that was done using secondary data analysis and summarize the findings briefly.  Be sure the study is peer-reviewed.

Finally, what are some additional questions that you have about the different qualitative methods that are out there?  Use this as an opportunity to gain some clarity on the research methods discussed this week.
Graduate Course Forum Feedback Instructions
The minimum requirement for each week’s Forum assignment is to have a total of at least three posts per week:  one formal initial post, and two formal peer response posts. Note that doing so will only earn you a minimum score on the assignment

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