Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Security Issues.The popularity of internet prompts the use of e-business. Most commercial activities apply the use of e-commerce. Through, e commerce involves e banking, supply chain management, electronic data processing (EDI), and online-business processing, amongst other transactions. Countries like UK widely employ the use of Ecommerce. Statistics confirms the fact by the sale of close to $175 billion in the year 2007, and the anticipation for growth nears $335 billion by 2012.The integration of the digital world poses a security threat to the citizen. as many would propose. Is there a back-up in case of a software crash, power-cut or hardware malfunction? Simply spilling coffee on a computer could ruin or damage everything. According to Muhammad Awais (2012) three main weakness of e-commerce are. security, fake websites and fraud. Abu-Ein et al. (2012) in their article “E-commerce: Security and Applications” also mention attacks by hackers and non-trusted personnel. Human factors are another concern that could cause serious problems.E commerce comes with privacy issues that affect customers significantly. This appears prompted by fraud, theft and impersonation of individuals who end up fooling customers. This appears to destroy a company’s name. The United States government reports security breaches in nine leading retailers. and a minimum of 40 million in debit and credit card numbers. The US Attorneys considers hacking, and impersonation as the most dominant theft cases ever acted against by the justice department. In a bid to conquer the problem, the EU and the US legislation authorize some organizations to disclose to customers how to verify the validity of their product (Evans, 2012).The revelations appear effective when delivered through privacy policies, in online and offline situations. Some studies experiments deem the relating of privacy policies via trustworthiness,