The table below summarizes how I will grade the extra credit essays. Please use it as a guide, as you write your essays. It will help you with the extra credit, and also with any other essays for this class and your other classes. Grade / Score Writing level Content A/ 9 or 10 College: answers “how” and “why” questions. An excellent and well organized paper that synthesizes new information based on extra credit work, the book, and class lectures. B/ 7 or 8 Pre-college: tries to answer “how” and “why” questions. A well organized paper that includes material learned from the book or in class, along with material learned during the extra credit assignment. C/ 5 or 6 D/ 2, 3 or 4 Mechanics Style Well organized and No mistakes in well written. So spelling, grammar good I’ll want to or word choice read it! Excellent Neat and (ie: there, their, introduction and clean. they’re). conclusion. One or two Well organized, spelling, grammar with proper or word choice paragraphs, and mistakes per good introduction paper. and conclusion. One or two Organized into High school: spelling, grammar A well organized paper paragraphs, with an mostly about or word choice about what you learned. introduction and a “what”. mistakes per conclusion. page. Middle school F / zero! (Plagiarism Primary school is an automatic zero) Over-all appearance Name in the top righthand corner. NO cover page. Standard 8.5 by 11 in. paper. 1 in. margins, line spacing 1.5, 12 pt. font. One or two It’s obvious that you Poor organization, spelling, grammar Not perfect, didn’t learn (or with weak or word choice but still understand) much, but introduction and mistakes per pretty good. you’re trying. conclusion. paragraph. Spelling, grammar No organization, and word choice just a jumble of Messy, “See the pretty fish” with are so scrambled disconnected ragged half of the facts wrong. that I can’t tell sentences. Missing edges, etc. what you’re introduction or trying to say. conclusion. It is OK to ask me questions, and clarify the material before writing your essay. In fact, it is recommended. See Extra Credit Help.

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