Week 1 Lab

  1. Watch video entitled “Module 1 – Diode Circuits in MultiSIM” 2. Work Problems 3-20, 3-21, and 3-22, pg. 84. 3. Save all work in a Word file 4. Work Example 3-8, pg. 69 with a load resistance of 20ohm. 5. Construct a circuit in MultiSIM similar to Fig. 3-12, pg. 69 with a load resistance of 20ohms. 6. Include worked solution and MultiSIM screenshots that verify your calculations in the documentWhere is the greatest opportunity for improvement in the  overall quality or performance of the organization or interpersonal  team—and ultimately in patient outcomes?
  2. Advocate for ethical action in addressing the benchmark  underperformance that has the potential for greatly improving overall  quality or performance.      At which group of stakeholders should your advocacy be  directed? Which group could be expected to take the appropriate action  to improve the benchmark metric?
  3. What are some ethical actions that the stakeholder group could take that support improved benchmark performance?
  4. Why should the stakeholder group take action?
  5. Communicate your findings and recommendations in a professional and effective manner.      Ensure that your report is well organized and easy to read.
  6. Write clearly and logically, using correct grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
  7. Integrate relevant sources to support your arguments, correctly  formatting source citations and references using current APA style.      Did you cite relevant local, state, or federal health care laws or policies when discussing the mandated benchmarks?
  8. Did you cite an additional 2–4 credible sources to support your analysis, evaluation, and advocacy?

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