• Identify the different timelines at which different objects are active
  • Identify messages that an object sends to another and what the responses to these messages should be
  • Identify how the flow of the timeline should change based on the message interaction
  • Create a sequence diagram depicting the timelines, messages, responses, and behaviors


For this lab, think about a few scenarios of communication and control of Perseverance or the Freenove rover and identify at least 3-4 objects that interact through at least 5-6 steps of interaction and build a sequence diagram for it. Make sure it is long enough for you to think through the complete sequence of operations and the actors at each level of operation. As an extra layer of creativity, think of a potential security threat that could arise and how the system interaction handles such a threat. Please note that your diagram must be as complete as possible to implement your specific use case.

Next, think of a more complex activity within your model, and build an activity diagram for the activity you choose.

Like in Lab 2, you will submit just a Word document containing your specification, and your interaction and activity diagrams (and use-case diagram if you chose above).1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

  • attachment_1attachment_1


power idle navigation Power on entry/turn_on do/sysetem_check exit/turn_off do/ receive_command exit/perform command entry/run_navcam do/receive_command navcam do/active_sensors exit/proceed navigation Power off move forward move right entry/clear passage do/move forward exit/obstruction entry/clear passage do/move right exit/obstruction stop spinning entry/obstruction do/receive command exit/new direction entry/clear passage do/spin exit/obstruction move backward move left entry/clear passage do/move backwards exit/obstruction entry/clear passage do/move forward exit/obstruction

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