Vision can be turned into realities by proper planning and setting of goals. Most people have big dreams which, if implemented, will yield bountifully.  However, due to poor planning and goal setting, these dreams have remained to be just mere wishes. It is vital for an individual as well as an organization to know how to go about goal setting.  In order to set a clear goal, one must identify their visions and have them noted down to enable them visualize them. Once the goal is set, proper planning follows to ensure realization of set goals (Wolf & Floyd, 2017). Goal setting gives a sense of direction in life by pointing one to what they want to accomplish and where to concentrate their energy thus allowing one to easily deal with setbacks.  This paper delves into the importance setting the necessary plans in a bid to achieve the desired goals. The paper supposes that by nature, organizations that set plans are in a better position to achieve their desired goals as opposed to those who do not make plans.

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