You are about to graduate . You are unemployed, and not interested in joining a traditional 8 am -5pm job. You think that you are an inquisitive person that is willing to take things into your own hands and start your own business. Starting your own business will help you make money, explore your creativity, and innovation. Considering the following mentioned eight project requirements, and you are suggested to follow the general instructions mentioned in the end of this assignment.

  • What is the business you are interested in? (i.e., Restaurant, Supermarket, Pet store, Barbershop, E-Commerce firm, Gym, Auto Service Center, Sports Outlet etc.).Give a suitable name to your upcoming business and give a brief description about your business type, where it will be located, and why you chose this business ?
  • How will you do the Customer segmentation for your upcoming business? Which type of customers will be among your target segments? 
  • What is unique about your business value propositions and why does these customers prefer your offerings to their current alternatives?  
  • How does your business earn revenue? Which revenue stream will you opt and why? 
  • How does the customer interact with your business through the sales process and product lifecycle? 
  • How will you build good relationship with your customers? 
  • How will you raise awareness about your business’s products and services over Social Networking Sites? Discuss your business strategy for promoting your business.( minimum 250 )
  • Design a Business Canvas Model for your upcoming business.  
  • I am an investor who is ready to invest money in your upcoming business. Write a Sales Pitch in up to 100 words to attract me for doing investment in your upcoming business.

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Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences E-commerce Department Student Name: Student ID: Course Title: Course Code: Academic Year/ Semester: CRN: Instructor Name: Student Grade: Grade Level: 1 Distinctive Taste For Healthy Body and Lifestyle. 2 1. Brief discerption about the business: Distinctive Taste is a based restaurant with a healthy food and environment friendly service. It is located in Riyadh where most growing business start there. As awareness spread day by day, people become more careful with what they eat in order to maintain a healthy and longer life. Thus, Distinctive Taste will be able to provide this service to the healthy citizens. 2. Customer segmentation: The main goal of establishing the restaurant is to attract as many people with healthy lifestyle. Geographically it will be locally

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