Discussion Board Directions

THis participation assignment has a maximum value of 20 points. 10 points are based on your initial discussion and 10 points are based on your responses to two other students. Your initial post should be 10-20 sentences in length and follow the rubric requirements of outside research and source documentation. Response posts should be 5-10 sentences in length and follow the same rules for documentation of sources. Participation will be graded according to the scoring rubric included in the discussion area.

Discussion Board 1

Complete the Learning Styles quiz available at http://www.educationplanner.org/students/self-assessments/learning-styles.shtml. Share results and comment on the validity of such tests. Be sure to address the following questions:

  • Are the results of such tests really helpful to know?
  • Is there a better way to examine individual learning?
  • How do we learn new information? Explain.

Discussion 2

Complete the following:

  • Investigate the definition and function of the term hypothesis.
  • Provide three examples of a strong hypothesis.
  • Explain the guidelines for creating a testable hypothesis.
  • Create a hypothesis based on something you would be interested in researching.

Discussion 3

Chapter 4 discusses substance use and abuse. Several states have made marijuana legal. 

  • What is your opinion on the legalization of marijuana? Provide evidence from research that supports your opinion.

Discussion 4

Chapter 6 discusses Classical and Operant Conditioning. Conduct outside research to learn more about the topic and current common uses for each form of conditioning. Use research and the textbook to answer the following questions:

  • Which form of conditioning is used most for behavior modification? Why does this form work better?
  • Why would Classical Conditioning help someone in their daily life functioning?
  • Which form of conditioning would you most likely see in a classroom setting?
  • Create your own examples of each form of conditioning. Be sure to include the following information in your answer.
    1. In addressing classical conditioning:
  • Identify UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR.
  • Discuss any stimulus generalization that you observed.
  • Discuss any extinction and spontaneous that occurred.
  • In addressing operant conditioning:
  • Identify negative and positive reinforcements and punishments.
  • Label the schedule of reinforcement or punishment.

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